Aerial Mapping DEM

Aerial Mapping

Our fleet of drones can map huge areas much more quickly than traditional surveys, providing accurate data at very high resolution; we work closely with you to identify your exact requirements.

Our in-house processing can provide you with a dataset that can be used throughout and beyond the project life – accurately repeated time after time. Whether it be high resolution and accurate GeoTiffs, Point Clouds, DSM, DEM, DTMs, line works, contours or spot heights, we can either supply the raw captured data if you wish to process it yourself, or host high resolution 3D models online. We use secure dedicated web apps which can be viewed on any platform with no loss of quality, & with the ability to take measurements and add annotations shared throughout your team.

The use case for drones in the survey industry is vast – our experience to date includes peatland restoration, coastal erosion monitoring, construction site mapping, pre-start site surveys, housing development design and volumetric calculations.

We install our own Ground Control Points or can utilise your pre-installed fixed GCPs. As our kit includes the latest Real Time Kinematic enabled drones & multi band L1/L2 and L5 GNSS receivers, your resolution and absolute accuracy is assured.

Powerline Inspection

Rosskeen Burial Chapel

Cell Tower Inspection

Powerline Inspection

Rosskeen Burial Chapel

Powerline Inspection

Burghead Inspection

Inspections & Surveying

We fly a number of different drones for asset inspections, ranging from DJI’s Matrice 300 to their Mavic 3 Enterprise & Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced.

By utilising the correct platform and sensor we safely and efficiently inspect any asset without the need for costly scaffolding or elevated work platforms. With less manpower and fewer hours needed than the standard rope access, we can quickly identify and highlight any areas for concern.

Our team has vast experience in everything from wind turbines to power transmission lines, as well as commercial and residential roof inspections. Whether it be a high cell tower condition survey or an under-deck bridge inspection we will utilise the correct platform to provide you with the best quality data set achievable with today’s technology.

With cameras now capable of up to a 200x zoom range, stand-off distances from the asset can be increased ever further to mitigate the risks without losing resolution or details. We can display live inspection data on external monitors for client monitoring or live stream the data back to your main offices for detailed analysis.

CAA approved for aerial work, PFCO company number 532, FAA number 4242184

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