In autumn 2019 LA Media was asked by Left Bank Pictures to carry out all of the Scottish drone filming for Season 4 of The Crown, one of Netflix’s flagship series.

LA Media had been involved at the end of Season 2 which we filmed in April 2017, spending a week in unseasonal snowy conditions both in Glen Feshie & on the Ardverikie Estate. It was great to be invited back, & on this occasion to film a block of episodes over several weeks.

Pete Maughan was the drone pilot, with Matt Harmsworth standing in on a day Pete wasn’t available, I operated the aerial camera, & Justin Adams coordinated the flights, battery charging & client liaison.

We filmed at Ardverikie Estate, for the second time in as many months after working on the new James Bond film a few weeks earlier, then in Caithness for a second filming block, & it was great to spend sufficient time on The Crown to become fully part of the crew – normally the drone team get added on for a few days here & there, but our involvement of several weeks meant friendships were formed + we became trusted enough to be allowed to head off independently on occasion to create our own shots (v rare on this higher end type of production).

Pete flew his Vulcan Raven, Justin brought LA Media’s Raven as a reserve heavy lift drone, I completed a heavy lift refresher course before the filming so that for safety there were 2 heavy lift pilots on set at all times, & the client supplied a RED Monstro with assorted Zeiss lenses. We filmed in ProRes 4K Log, & great to see our work feature in 5 of the 10 Season 4 episodes.

CAA approved for aerial work, PFCO company number 532, FAA number 4242184

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