18 July 2020

Loch Pityoulish at sunset

Near Aviemore, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

With the sun setting, & much clearer light now that a front had passed through, I left home hoping to photograph Loch Pityoulish from an angle I hadn’t tried before. This was shot with a Mavic 2 Pro, at 70m above the take-off point, in Raw & 1 stop under-exposed (for cloud detail), & then brought back to the correct exposure in Adobe Lightroom. I wanted to have the foreground conifers taking up much of the shot, but not to crash into them, so I started at a height of 100m, pointed the camera down to check the lie-of-the-land below, & gradually dropped to the required height, continuing to check both the shot & the trees as I descended.

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CAA approved for aerial work, PFCO company number 532, FAA number 4242184

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