28 June 2024

Glastonbury Festival drone show

Near Glastonbury, Somerset, England

It was an absolute pleasure & privilege to film the first ever drone show at a Glastonbury Festival, on the opening night in June 2024. Long-standing client Celestial asked me to film their 576 drones during the 8 minute display, & with no drones having filmed at Glastonbury in the past & the airspace closed throughout the festival with police RF jamming etc in place, it took several months of negotiation until the flying & filming were confirmed.

I flew one of my DJI Inspire 3s, in 8K ProRes RAW, & with the Zenmuse 18mm f2.8 lens for the first time at night; I’ve always used the 24mm lens for past drone displays. Filming at Glastonbury has been a major highlight in my 10 year drone career!


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CAA approved for aerial work, PFCO company number 532, FAA number 4242184

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