Gas-holder asset inspection

6 month gas-holder asset inspection contract at 26 sites around the UK. I was asked by Adam Bailey of Kingfisher APS, to assist with drone inspections of more than 50 gas-holders located in Scotland & SE England.

Working at these high-risk sites involved months of planning & in-depth understanding of the risks & how to deploy.

The DJI Inspire 2 was the perfect aircraft for the work, and after testing on a site in Brighton we were cleared for the rest of the client’s UK assets.

We worked as a drone team of three (pilot, camera operator & spotter), and despite all the inspections taking place during the winter months, we were remarkably lucky with the weather.

GPS errors were a constant issue for us, particularly when flying inside the gas-holders, as was the fatigue of flying at a constant low speed, with our output feed being monitored by the client’s structural engineers.

I loved being part of a team for such a long and detailed project, given that most of my drone shoots last at most a few days.

“Richard has a reputation as a professional, diligent and accomplished drone pilot. Having worked with him extensively on the gas-holder inspection project, and on other projects, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking at using his services. He was a great addition to our team and we would not have had such positive outcomes for our clients without him involved. He is always a pleasure to work with and we certainly look forward to working with him again in the future.” Adam Bailey

CAA approved for aerial work, PFCO company number 532, FAA number 4242184

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