8 February 2018

Bonar Bridge, September 2015

Bonar Bridge, Sutherland, Scotland

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Just called ‘Bonar’ until the completion of the first bridge across the Kyle of Sutherland in 1812, Bonar Bridge was for the next 170 years a waystation on the main route north from Inverness to Caithness and an important centre in its own right. The current bridge was opened in 1973, & this part of the A9 trunk road was superseded when the Dornoch Firth Bridge opened in 1991.

08 February 2018

Ben Klibreck (961m) & the A836 road at sunset, September 2015

between Lairg & Tongue near Altnaharra, Sutherland, Scotland.

08 February 2018

Cliff Beach - near Bhaltos (Valtos), June 2015

on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland

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