Much of my work involves drone teams of at least two people, sometimes more, & over the years I’ve developed tried & trusted working relationships with other pilots, aerial camera operators & video editors. Many jobs, such as filming offshore lighthouses around the UK from small boats earlier this year for Channel 5, require two fully-qualified drone pilots to be on location at the same time, & I regularly draw on the expertise of the following colleagues:

Tom Alner

Based in Glasgow & Nairn, Tom is my go-to person for video editing, & specialises in the fast turnaround of material from filming days into clients’ hands.

Adam Bailey

Adam is based in London, & the person I turn to for dual-operator drone filming in southern England. We’ve worked together on numerous infrastructure projects.

Paul Billany

Based near Inverness but covering all of the UK, Paul specialises in drone inspections & mapping, as well as assisting me with offshore wind, oil & gas work. Paul & I both have BOSIET / HUET sea survival certification.

Elliott Corke

A stalwart of the industry, Elliott is based in Norwich, taught me how to fly drones ( - highly recommended!), & handles legislation & compliance etc for REAF.

Matt Harmsworth

Matt is based near Inverness - we’ve flown together on high-end creative projects since 2015, & cover off for each other on aerial work across the UK.

Craig Jump

Craig is based near Glasgow, & specialises in 360 video work & other computer-intense solutions for clients.

Pete Maughan

Based near Edinburgh, Pete & I have known each other for many years - Pete pilots heavy lift drones as well as Inspire 2s, & we’ve worked together on numerous feature films & Netflix-type productions.

Paul Mellon

Based in Glasgow, Paul works with me throughout the world - Paul has been a BBC cameraman since the early 1990s, has worked at the Rio & London Olympic Games, & is an accomplished video editor as well as my go-to aerial camera operator.

Kirk Watson

Kirk lives in the heart of the Highlands, & is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of ground & aerial cinematography. Our work together has included several challenging offshore shoots, hand launching & catching in small boats.

CAA approved for aerial work, PFCO company number 532, FAA number 4242184

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